Arica has great gastronomic variety thanks to the cultural diversity and broad variety of marine products from the Pacific Ocean (the marine products have become more common in local textures and flavors) and also agricultural products, produced mainly in the valleys of Azapa, Lluta, and in the villages in the Andes’ foothills like Socoroma and Belén, examples of them are quinoa, tumbo (a fruit similar to passion fruit), and lemon among others.

You cannot miss the opportunity to taste the local fruit cocktails like the mango and passion fruit sour!

The taste of olives is characteristic for this region, for there is a broad range of types of olives harvested from centuries-old olive trees planted by the first Spaniards.

We recommend trying the famous pastel de choclo (Chilean shepherd’s pie), humitas (like tamales), empanadas (meat turnovers), mote con huesillo (boiled wheat and dried peaches), marine and meat platters prepared with the influence of the great Peruvian cuisine. We recommend the following restaurants for their quality of food and service.